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Coronavirus (COVID 19) Information


The health and safety or our citizens and employees are a top priority of the City of Garrison.  Below are a few resources you can find factual information on the Coronavirus and prevention...

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2020 Census


The 2020 Census invitation to respone online will be arriving March 12-20.  Please watch for the invitation and respond as soon as possible.  If you need assistance contact City Hall...

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City Election


City election candidates may begin collecting signatures on a nominating petition.  City elected offices up for election in June 2020 are:  3 city council members, 3 park board members and...

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2020 Pet Tags


The 2020 City Pet Tags are available at City Hall.  Each cat and dog are required to be licensed with the City of Garrison.  Each pet tag is $5.  Go to Residents tab and scroll down to Animal...

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Subscribe to Web Site


Residents can subscribe to receive news and alerts.  Go to Contact Us tab, Subscribe and fill out the information.  

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US Flag Disposal


Check your US Flag.  A disposal box is located in the lobby at City Hall.  Place your old and/or torn flag in the box for proper disposal by the American Legion.

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Automatic Payment Plan


Sign up today for automatic payment from your checking or savings account.  Stop by City Hall to fill out the form.  

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